talk. talk. talk.

i've decided to start a client referral program. as of today, any of my clients who refers someone gets a $20 gift certificate towards future sessions. there isn't a limit to referrals or gift certificates you can receive so tell all your family & friends. when they schedule their session be sure to let them know to give me your name. super easy, right?

p.s. i wanted to say thank you to everyone who has linked my blog to theirs and also mentioned my photography on their site. things are going so well and it's mostly because of all of you! :)

p.s.s. if you live in st. george or know anyone who does, i'll be scheduling a few sessions down that way in april & may.



Mandy said...

I'll keep on yapping like I always do.. don't forget that it is your talent that is getting you where you are... we only help a little:)

Ashley said...

You are going to be one busy woman! Everyone wants to know who took Zaida's pictures so be prepared! Thanks!

Dutson Fam said...

Good to know! I'll spread the word!

Marissa Vargason said...

Jen your stuff is so cute!!!!! Love them! Love Z and Love your nephew B so adorable and great lighting!!!