can i just say how much i love maternity shoots. i guess it doesn't hurt when the mommy to be is gorgeous, funny, easy to work and up for whatever. oh and did i mention tiny! thanks danielle! can't wait to meet lil crue.

on a serious note. my new pricing will go in effect june 15th. though my rates will be increased, i will be offering fun new products and the occasional discount!! of course i will honor my current rates for any sessions booked until that date. the sessions dont have to take place before june 15th, just need to be booked before then. let me know if you have any questions!



Brad & Lauren said...

Oh time to be pregnant again, I love these ones. Do you have the ones of my heart on my belly?

**Amanda** said...

These are amazing!!!! Danielle is absolutely beautiful and these pics are awesome!!!! Good job Jen!

Alicia said...

Beautiful. Love the bench.