one year old.

i'm sitting here at 2:30 am thinking how amazing the past year has been. I've learned and grown so much. I've been fortunate to meet some really great people and have so many new friends. i have the best clients anyone could ask for. you guys have been loyal and supportive through it all. i wouldn't be anything without you guys. thank you so much for always leaving comments and for following all my crazy facebook updates. i love you guys!
so... to celebrate my first birthday I am going to offer an incredible deal from now until the end of the year.
family sessions (regularly $265): $185
baby/child sessions (regularly $200): $150
sessions are limited due to the holiday season and some much needed time with my little boys.



Ash + Dust said...

Jen! I'm so happy for you and all that you have accomplished! Wow... I have such an amazing friend! Love you!

Carroll's said...

Jen i absolutly love this pic of my Cole! Thank you so much

galbfam said...

OH MY HECK!! Cole looks so sweet in these picture!!

Michelle said...

Jen, I can't believe you have only been doing this for a have such a talent for it. If you ever decide to teach a photography class, I would SO be there :)

One of these days, I am definitely going to have you do pictures for us...I just still have 10 lbs. of baby weight to go :)