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with the busy holiday season coming faster than i'd like, i know stuff comes up and money is tight. if you have a scheduled session and need to reschedule or cancel please let me know as soon as possible so i can fill my spots! thanks. i have an opening for this sunday, the 15th. email me to book and dont forget about my big discounts for november and december!oh and i also wanted to add, i've had a few people ask how long it takes for session edits and holiday cards. Usually i give myself atleast 2 weeks to edit my sessions and another week to get the design and cards back from printing so if your planning on scheduling a session for holiday cards i suggest november or the first week of december, otherwise you might not get them back in time.

session booked. :)

here's a little of what ive been working on. i try to post on my blog as much as I can but sometimes it just get neglected. :( enjoy some really fun stuff!


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Ashley said...

Gorgeous! All you families are too darling! Jen, you rock! What time is the sunday session? I might want it if it hasn't been filled.