march has been an amazing month for me.. i've had so many shoots and met so many new clients. lots of babies, newborns, familes and a few fun projects in between. i've got a variety of edits and styles and its been great to do my own thing. april is going to be my relaxation month although i do have 3 full days of mini's and a wedding. i'm going to take time to travel, play outside with the boys, work on projects for the paper chandelier and perhaps fill orders for lolli's. sounds relaxing, right? ha ha. i haven't had 2 seconds to really blog all the images i wanted to so i thought i'd do one massive sneak peek! here we go! enjoy.



Morgan said...

I love that one with Diana and the suitcase! It looks like it belongs in a magazine!

Danielle said...

Love the picture of Cole. To die for. Can't wait to see the twins.

Maura said...

Tomorrow cant come fast enough! I am so excited to see the rest of Crew's pictures!!! Thanks again, Jen.