i have been a busy girl. mini sessions last weekend went awesome and now i'm up to my ears in edits. we're leaving for st. george next wednesday and between now and then i have 7 sessions. we'll see how many i have to reschedule due to this ridiculous weather. i know a few of you are waiting for sneak peeks but im just going to be honest. you'll probably get your discs before i can blog them all. so sorry in advance! im trying to get all caught up before we leave so that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. attempting to have a work free vacation. ya right.. oh and may is full so now booking for june and july!

how ridiculously handsome is he? i love this age. the "im too cool for pics" age. i dont see a lot of people book sessions with older children, but you totally should. i would love to see more teens as well. school pictures dont count. ha ha. more from his family mini session soon!


Karissa said...

These are by far the best pictures we've gotten of him. Great job thanks! Can;t wait to see the rest. Have a good vacation you deserve it!

Whitney. said...

Great picture! VERY VERY handsome little boy!

Carmen said...

Cute pictures of Dylan.