and we're out.

out of town. packing up these little guys and heading south. i am so so excited to spend the next few days with my mothers, sisters, nephews, cousins. 80 degree weather, bbq, swimming, crafts but more importantly the cancer relay is finally here! i am so thrilled to be a part of it. i'll be working, a little. checking emails and voicemails when i can but if you dont hear from me this week, all correspondence will be returned monday!

i'd like you to meet my new friend zari. she was one of the best toddlers i've worked with. she was so fun.. so much personality, the most adorable facial expressions and best dancer.. hands down. i could have spent the entire day with her and then some. plus she has this amazing mommy.. love her as well. :)



Every Little Thing Photography said...

what a cutie! looks like she had some killer moves :)

kim- peas

Jayme said...

These are adorable, Jen!! I'm lovin the look of your new camera... so so so sharp!! Wahoo!! And you can tell that this little girl has her some personality!

Kristi Judd said...

These look so dang cute! Zari is so funny and adorable. Love the bows Rhinannon ;)