r is for rocco.

oh my gosh. how adorable is he and i totally love his name. rocco has the sweetest little face. he does this head tilt when he looks at you.. like a puppy. he was so perfect and im so glad i got to meet up with him, his mom and grams while they were in town. thanks little man.



Ty and Staci Williams said...

I'm in love. Thank you so much Jen!

Nicole Lawrence said...

love 3rd from the bottom. Too cute.

RockAndLindsay.com said...

So I have found your blog through a couple of friends. I saw you were doing mini sessions and I wondered if you had any spots still open? If you could email me at featherstonescissors@gmail.com and let me know either way. Thank you so much.. I really enjoy looking at you blog you do great work! Lindsay