san jose... part one.

finally.. a post from my trip to san jose last month. i am so behind on blogging, hopefully in july i'll get all caught up and post all the amazing things i worked on in june. june was by far the busiest month for me and i met so many great people and i can't wait to share.

while staying in sj I stayed with this adorable family. they were so good to me. cori and paige came with me to all my shoots and cori was the best assistant i could ask for. :) i love paige's cute personality she totally warmed up to me (which she never does) and didn't mind me following her around with a camera for 3 days. we shot most of these at santana row in san jose and then a few at home in her nursery. thanks again you guys for everything and I can't wait for my trip back in september!



Lauren Alberts said...

love the bright colors Jen, great job! that yellow wall is awesome..

Whitney. said...

Wow, I love these. What an adorable family and beautiful little girl! Great job Jen as always!

Alexis Blackner said...

Love these!!! She is so cute but of course she is, her mommy is Cori!!! I am so glad it worked out for you to stay there and I will be coming next time!!!