cupcake | utah childrens photographer | little fighters

i know i keep teasing but i promise to post all of my session with cami this week.




Lauren said...

Cami is SO cute! I love that little girl, I have been following their blog ever since you shot the hair cutting day

Chelsea said...

I LOVE them!!! Thank you Jen! You are amazing! I just showed Cami and she said "I make those cupcakes look delicious!" HaHa!

Pat Carver said...

Did you know that it's slightly embarrassing for a 28 yr old male who works at a video game studio to cry whilst working? I'm supposed to be manly and nerdy and this is not helping. thanks a lot!

Seriously though, best pictures ever. You are extremely talented Jen, and we will cherish these forever

Natalie Carver said...

She is so gorgeous! Love these pictures of Cami! Great Job Jen! Thank you for all that you have done for them!

Courtney Hansen said...

Wow she is gorgeous!