A New Year

2010 was such an amazing and super busy year for me! Im hoping 2011 will be even better. I've been working on new packaging, pricing, advertising and had to make some big decisions. one of which was where to focus my work. the past year i have dabbled in weddings and had so much fun and met some really great people. it's just been hard to juggle all the editing from my portrait sessions and still get weddings done in a timely fashion as well as try to be supermom. I just find myself a little more passionate about babies and children. So.. the wedding i have this weekend in Sun Valley will be my last. :( Im going to put all my energy and focus into portraiture. I'm going to be doing more lifestyle sessions as well as themed sessions (email me to book or find out what a themed session entails). I just want to say thank you to everyone for your kind comments, referrals, and support the past 2 years! you're all amazing.

I have 3 spots left for my January workshop. We've already got a super fun group signed up and im really looking forward to seeing everyone and of course lots of cupcakes. There's always lots of cupcakes.

ok enough business.. wanna see a super adorable baby?



Jordan said...

OMG! I cannot get over how freakin' cute he is! The location turned out amazing!

Have fun this weekend with your last wedding :)!

cassy said...

Wow I love the idea of doing a session in the library! What a fantastic idea!

Andrea said...

Love these pics! So so cute. I'm sure there are going to be alot of future brides very sad about this...

Nicole and Scott said...

Super Gorgeous Boy!

Jen and Sam said...

great minds think a like...i have been shooting some themed sessions this week!
can't wait to see our different styles on it! :)

Steve and Brandi said...

WHAT?? You are not doing weddings anymore? I will pay you double what you were charging for weddings if you photograph my wedding. That is if and when I get married (:
He is such a cute kid!!

H and E said...

Wow could he get any cuter??? I love everything about this session. GOod luck with 2011, you are on talented lady!