new website sale. - GIVEAWAY CLOSED

finally. my new website is live and im wanting to find a way to celebrate. perhaps go to bed before 2am tonight? nah. how about a fall session sale and contest!?

the sale:
im offering all clients who book their fall session between now and july 29th (my birthday) $100 off a family session (regularly $350) and $50 off a mini session (regularly $250 and includes holiday cards). session must take place in september or october.

the contest:
the prize will be a free family session to take place this september or october.
to enter 'like' jen herem photography on facebook and leave a comment below with at least one unique fact about your family. silly or serious.. im just excited to get to know you all a little better.

want to up your chances with 6 additional entries?
*book your fall session before july 2nd for 3 additional entries (deposit will be refunded if you win)
*like this blog post on facebook for 1 additional entry
*share this blog post on your facebook page for 2 additional entries (share link located below).

contest ends july 2nd. good luck and make sure to head over to my new website and let me know what you think! xo



kristen & scott said...

duh, we dont like you we seriously LOVE you!!!! (and i have liked you on FB for over 2 years!)

one random fact about my family is that we have not ALL been together in over 10 years and this october they are all coming out to UT for a mini-reunion. it would be SO great to surprise them all with a gilbert family session (and duh a side one with natey too!!!)

Bobbi Garcia said...

Same here Jen! I don't like ya, we love you! One fact about me & my husband we were elementary school sweethearts, started our family very young, but we beat the odds. Hasn't been easy but I wouldn't change it for the world. Random facts: I once served Bill Gates a drink, fell off a ski lift, had my belly button ring surgically removed (long story)and my 11 year old has a fear of penny's. Ha!
Xoxo.. Can't wait to check out the new website!

Mike and Raquel Corral said...

I have liked you on facebook for awhile now! We have over 16000 pictures of our son, crazy but true! Sad thing is we don't have many family pictures because one of us is taking the picture! I hope I win I would die of over happiness!!

zac and ang said...

Jen! We like you on fb! We would love to win! Our fam is so new but we would love to have some holiday pictures done!! We hope to win! Fun fact, when Zac was 19 and I was 13, sitting in his mission farewell I told my dad I was going to marry him, then 6 years later I did. Ha!

Tyler + Jess said...

I would LOOOVE to win a free family session from you! I seriously drool over all your work. Your amazing!
Something about me.. Well I've been married over 3 years now. We are expecting our first baby boy this August! The last time my family got a real family picture was before my brother left on his mission about 5 years ago. A lot of things have changed. We all of course look completely different, my husband isn't in it and we'll have a baby by September/October so this would be the best thing in the world to win for myself and also my parents would love this.

I'm a follower on this blog and Im a fan of your on facebook!

Carroll's said...

I follow you on facebook as well as here of course. Random facts about me is we have 4 kids 2 and under, one adopted, one set of twins, and one singleton kid. PS LOVE the new website.

Andrea said...

Ooh, I need to win this! Love it. Hmmmm, unique fact...we don't really take anything seriously, even things that probably should be taken seriously. Our family motto is "If you can't take a joke, move out...".

I'm liking this post on facebook and going to share it too! Love your new website by the way.

Malerie said...

LOVE the new website!
and we'd love to win a family session!

we don't have any pictures of our family since owen was born!
Nate says we can book a session as soon as we're both at our weight loss goal... so we have one month to lose 20lbs each, so i can take advantage of the sale! :) now, winning this contest would give me a little more time to lose the weight!

a funny fact about us: Nate hated me before we dated, he thought i was the biggest brat around. He hated me the very most only a year before we got married. i'm still not sure what changed his mind about me, or why he even started dating me in the first place! but it all worked out!

Suzie Bishop said...

Your new website looks great! We love our last pictures with you and we would love to have more!!

1 fact about our family...
we go through around 5-6 gallons of milk a week...(only 3 of us who drink it) gross huh.

We love you on facebook and I'll share this with my friends!

Kristen said...

I was referred to Jen by the fabulous Kristen Logan. September or October would be the PERFECT time to win this prize because I am having my first baby due 9/1. Newborn sesh anyone?! Gotta start them young, right?

Here's a random fact about our family. My husband and I started dating at 17 and I thought he was a cute football jock all done up in his Letterman's jacket. Later I found out he was actually a total nerd trapped in a jocks body. We have S-E-V-E-N computers in our house, a PS3, Wii, XBOX, two Nintendo DSs, a PSP, a Super Nintendo, the "OG" Nintendo, PS2, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, "OG" Playstation, Genesis, and a Saturn (Sega system apparently). Oh, and two iPhones.

I have a feeling our little girl will be gaming before she can walk!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the chance!
Random fact. We have 3 kids under 2 1/2! Twins always make things exciting~!


Andrea said...

liked on facebook!

The Alvords said...

We liked you on FB a long time ago! I also shared this post and liked it on FB. I'll be calling you to book Lucy's first birthday mini session before July 2, but may be changing it to a family session. I'm so excited about it already and am trying to come up with wardrobe, etc!

Hmmm an interesting fact about the Alvord family...We remodeled our house and my husband did it all with his own two hands. He did everything from laying new hardwood floors to crown molding, a complete kitchen overhaul, recessed lighting, electric work, tiling, built some furniture pieces, you get the idea. I had a vision and he was able to create it perfectly. It's light and bright, modern and airy, with a little splach of eclectic accents. He is amazing and it looks gorgeous. He has touched every single surface in our home and I love every inch of it.

We, of course, would love to win! Thanks Jen!

Jami & James said...

I like you on facebook! And a little someething about our little family - ohh this one is good - our little guy in 9 months and my husband has gotten up with him every other night since he was a week old! Now that is a good husband!!!

Jami & James said...

I liked and shared on facebook!

Jen said...

Please go to bed before 2am, you poor girl!
I've liked you on FB for a while now. Love seeing your photos on my newsfeed. Something unique about our family? Well, we spend every Saturday (and some Sundays) morning lying in bed with our toddler. We love watching our shows and eating breakfast in bed. It's messy and lazy of us, but I look forward to it every week.
(Oh and if we win, I promise Leila will be on her best behavior. Ha ha.)
P.S. The website is unbelievable! I spent a good 20 minutes checking it out!!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

I wanna win!! I liked your facebook page! and I love love love all your pictures and would love to have some family pictures done. I think we maybe have three pictures of all "3" of us since Mason was born. So sad! So some good family pictures would be awesome...and in the fall my favorite!

Dutson Fam said...

We love all of these pictures, Jen!!! As always, you're amazing! We're long time lovers of jen herem herself, as well as spreading our love on FB, our blog and all! :)

Random fact about the Dutson Fam...Brad is a germ FREAK! Having a new baby has only worsened his phobia.

Love you girl! :)

Brandi said...

I've liked you on Facebook for a while now! If there was a "LOVE" button I would defiantly click "LOVE" you!!
Random fact... My family and I have not had family pictures taken together for almost 26 years. Our last family pictures was taken when I was about 3 months old. I would LOVE to win a session with you so I could get pictures of my daughter and I. She is almost a year old now ): and I don't have any pictures of her and I together except for her newborn pictures! I am not photogenic at all, but you are amazing at what you do and I know you could make me look somewhat decent! HAHA

Ali Holt said...

jen! I of course like your facebook page.

A random fact about my family...well there are like 20 dentists/dental hygienists in my extended family. Its a wierd blood borne occupation I guess! :)

Ali Holt said...

extra entry: I liked your contest post on facebook!


Andrew,Heather and Hazel said...

Jen I love looking at your pictures on your website! One random fact about our family is that my husband, my baby daughter and I were all born on the 30th day of different months. I would love to win so you could take our first family pictures.

Amber said...

I would love to win a session! I hardly have any photos of me and my daughter and it's just the two of us! A fun fact: My daughter was born on 8-7-8 and my mom was upset I couldn't hold onto her for one day longer! But it was a good thing though because on 8-8-8, there were over 20 births at our hospital! lol

Sarah said...

I have been looking for a photographer that captures life! Not poses it. I am SO in love with your work!
About my sweet little family... we have yet to have our family pictures taken because a few months after my sweet little miss was born in October 2010 my husband was laid off. He's working now but we're playing the catch up game. I SO desperately want to get our pictures taken and use them for our Christmas cards to show off my beautiful little family! It's just the three of us but I have never been more in love and happier in my life and I would LOVE if you could capture that in some photos for us:)
P.S. I like (love) you on FB. I liked (and comment) and this post on FB. AND I shared it on my FB page:)I would book a session but my bonus doesn't come until the 8th of July... I'm crossing all fingers possible!
Thanks for the chance:)

Andrew and MeKenzie said...

Love the new site :)

Our random fact is that my husband and I were born on the same day.. June 25th. It was fun while we were dating but now we wish we had our own special day..

I reposted on Facebook!

Ali Holt said...

I just shared the contest on my fb page for the extra entries... Thanks for the chance Jen!!

Gibbons said...

I would love to win! Liked on FB. Something unique about our little family is our baby boy. He was born with a very rare congenital heart defect. He had to have surgery at 3 weeks old and he is now almost 6 months and doing great! He has been through so much in his short life, he is our hero. We would love to have some pictures with our new little family to celebrate how far he has come.

Karlee Turner said...

This is awesome!

I've "liked" you on Facebook for awhile now :) We SO need family pictures done, I don't know why I keep putting it off, but our last one was almost 2 years ago!

Random fact about our husband and I met at work. Yep, office romance!

Karlee Turner said...

Oh, and I "liked" this post on Facebook too!

Chelsea said...

I like you on facebook!

hmm... random fact: Since you do not know us at all :) We have an adorable 2 1/2 year old little girl, Pressly. Also an adorable 3 year old goldendoodle, Dexter. My husband is in between jobs right now, and I am a full time student, so winning this would be AWESOME.

Chelsea said...

I liked your pose on Facebook

Chelsea said...

I shared on Facebook :)

rachel june* said...

liked you on facebook! random fact of our family of five is we are never home! We always have to be out whether its running errands or playing at the park we love to be busy! its rubbed off badly on the kids too. gorgeous photos. love the website.

Adams said...
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The Adams' said...

I shared on facebook as well. But I have liked your page forever.

The Adams' said...

Ok so I am a little retarded. I left my post on your facebook page. Obviously I like your page. I would love to win. You are truly do amazing work. I would love for you to capture our crazy little family. I meet my husband back in 02 at my birthday party. His roomate and I were friends and he wanted to set him up on a blind date with one of my friends, so we arranged it for my birthday party. Once I meet him the first thing he said to me was I am going to marry you! So we dated for 6 years and got married in 07. And now have 2 crazy boys. Cayson age 3 and Davis age 1. All my boys are my world. And I would love for you to meet them. Also my step brother is Mason Hooper so I have known alexis for a while. Xoxoxo

Ashley said...

Jen- Ok...
1. We liked you a long time ago on Facebook ;)
2. I think a family session is in order this fall
3. I liked this blog post on Facebook
4. I shared this link on Facebook
5. LOVE the new website... such cute pictures.
6. Random fact about our family... my BOYS are OBSESSED with GOLF!!
Hopefully we win... love ya Jen!
Ash Cottle

Melissa Staker said...

I would love to win this! We need family pictures done - my husband and I are always taking turns behind the camera so we never have one with all four of us.

Random fact: Our son (2) was born a day before our wedding anniversary and our daugther (6 mo.) was born the day after my husband's birthday. We don't plan those things very well! Also, my rolly polly daughter is about the chubbiest thing ever and I love it!

Melissa Staker said...

And... I 'liked' the facebook blog post and have liked your facebook page for a long time now!

Denney's said...

Hi Jen,
I don't know you but I saw your link on a couple of my friends facebook page. I looked at your website and I think you do amazing work! I would love to win a free session with you. I have been wanting to get my families pictures taken for a long time. I have 3 boys. My middle son has had to have eye surgery twice and my youngest was born pre-mature (and was in the nicu for a week) and just had tubes put in his ears at 5 months so we have had a lot of medical bills we are trying to pay off. Oh and my two oldest boys wear glasses that are constantly getting broken and are not cheap to fix! My youngest will be one in the fall and so I think it would be the perfect time to get our family pictures taken. Ok I'm done with my sob story and I think you should pick me!

Danny & Stephanie said...

I am a fan on Facebook, shared and liked the link :).
Random facts about our family...I moved to Utah for the summer before starting grad school, met my husband my 2nd week here, and by august I had cancelled on grad school! Crazy! Also, our daughter was born 10 months after we got we move fast!

I'd love to win! Thank for the opportunity!

The Winegars said...


I've liked you on facebook for a while now. I was introduced to your work through Jen Bingham. I would love to win the family session! Your work is amazing.

Random fact about my family... My husband and our 2 year son puke way more than the average person. The first time I hung out with my husband, I wound up cleaning up his puke. We had just been out to dinner with a group of friends and on our way to a friends house from the dinner, someone made him laugh really hard which made him in turn throw up. Gross I know... Things that make them loose it... Smells, cotton mouth, laughing too hard, coughing too hard, crying too hard, brushing their teeth, jumping on the tramp... And plenty of other random things.

markandaubrey said...

Like ya on FB! One random fact about our fam is there was a three year gap between my husband's and my first and second was meant to be :)

Kami & Andy said...

I liked ya on FB a while ago, but I think I forgot to post my random fact for the contest - My little guy sucks his thumb & his daddy did when he was little too:)