this and that.

seriously.. it's only monday? things are crazy around here. we just got back in town yesterday and now both the boys are sick. i have tons to edit and would still love to find some time this week to get the hair did, lashes filled and catch up on all my millions of shows i watch. on second thought, im glad it's monday.. i have way too much to do for it to be friday.

lately ive been getting so many messages about sessions and discs on facebook and via text. i dont want anyone to think im ignoring you! fb messages are harder for me to return because ive been getting so many and its limited how many characters you use and so on. Texts.. well its impossible to book a session over a text plus chasing around my boys during the day or working late at night.. im a super horrible texter. just ask my friends and sisters. So.. i'd prefer emails or phone calls. im not always able to answer my phone right then but if you give me a day i promise i'll call you back! i generally reply to emails at night when i finally find the time to work. :) oh and also a reminder, discs take 2-3 to get back and i'll email you when they are ready. i wish i wish i had a 1 week turn around but that just aint gonna happen! :)

ok onto the wall family. remember this handsome kid? well he belongs to this gorgeous family. really they are all so beautiful. and oh talon.. he is such a doll. enjoy.



Lauren Alberts said...

cute pics as always. great thoughts about your busy week. I need to be more grateful for monday's because you're right, I always have way too much to do for it to be friday! :) thanks

The Jonesez said...

what a beautiful fam! Your pics are great as always Jen!