rocco | modern baby photographer

last time i met up with rocco he was a happy little 6 month old. when i showed up for his recent 13 month session at his home i was greeted by a super adorable and super busy little boy! what a difference just a few months make. i have to admit he is really fun to chase around but who am i kidding chasing little boys around the house is my specialty. rocco lives in my dream house and i had to keep reminding myself to wipe the drool off my face. i kind of went overkill on the images but there were just too many to not share!



H and E said...

Love them all! I especially love the last one, such a tender moment. And you are right her house is amazing!

Bell said...

Jen I've been dying to see some of these!! I'm so excited you posted them! I love them!! Can't wait to see more!