navy james | utah birth photographer | salt lake city

i have 3 birth stories to blog and waiting on a another mommy any day to photograph another. i thought i'd post them in order.

here is my baby sister and the story of the birth of her beautiful daughter navy james. shawntae was induced 3 weeks early due to high blood pressure, etc. she had hoped for a natural birth but decided it would be a little tough to do that being induced and just wanted her baby girl here fast and healthy.

the babes had a hard time breathing at first so they took her right to the nicu to get her stabilized and spend the night. i went back the next morning to bring big brother kingston to see his new sissy and get a few more shots. isn't she a beautiful baby?

and 6 weeks later.... i took these yesterday morning while we waited for our turkey to cook.



Lauren said...


wish you were here/that it wasnt christmas for my delivery!

Sonya Marie said...

these are beautiful pictures!

Amanda said...

Those pictures are painful and stunning. What a beautiful memory.